Tuesday, January 22, 2008

alone time

2008 came in with a whole lot of things going in the days (and nights) of this life. it seems like there is always something to do, something to attend to. good thing most of it are things that i like doing.

so it has been really rare to find time with myself. tonight, i got that precious moment. i ate dinner at malaya, took out the car for a bit of car wash then went to consequia for some coffee.

i did not discuss business with janet, nor did i checked on anything. i just ordered a cup of coffee and went outside to watch a drizzle fall softly on the newly washed toyota.

i was there, listening to the sounds of jeeps, cars, trucks and tricycles run past mayon. deeply inhaling the aroma of my brew. it was quiet. i was enjoying that piece of peace that has somehow descended in that seat just right outside conse.


  1. Lucky you, I'm still longing for mine. Btw, I love the signage, artistically made. Who's the gifted one? =)

  2. the blessing there is that it comes at the most unexpected places, most unexpected times :)

    all of us basically pitched in for the idea on the signage. final touches done by my sister's boo. hehehe


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