Saturday, December 22, 2007

a promise to end a march

i was quietly sipping a cup of coffee at consequia this afternoon. staring aimlessly at mayon street. enjoying my brew.

then i remembered the sumilao farmers present in the simbang gabi in gesu last night. i particularly remember yoyong, the president of SARFA. i was a little impressed on him talking about their struggle for them to take back what is them. i admire their passion to get things done.

he is thankful.

most especially to cardinal gaudencio rosales.

the way i understand it, the good cardinal asked the farmers to go home to mindanao and tend to their families. and the church will continue their struggle here in manila.


what a big thing to say!


i thought the farmers want their land? i thought their goal for walking 1,700kms is for them to take back what was originally theirs? i thought they made the ultimate sacrifice because they
wanted to have something for their own? for their family?

i read a blaring headline in one local daily. sumilao farmers to fly home today.


is a promise (coupled by the promise of the government) by a cardinal enough to take back what is theirs?

wait! what is happening here? would a promise be enough?

i understand the practicality of going home. i mean, its christmas. the family that they have left behind might be hungry already. i would have to say that those are important things too.

but to go home because of a promise of made by someone who does not even have a decision power on the issue, and a powerful force who would want to keep her ratings up commensurate to the 1,700kms?


i have high respects for my church. but wait! with that promise, i would have to hold cardinal rosales accountable if the land of the sumilao farmers would not be returned to them. i would have to ask him about this promise, because like yoyong, i would be putting my faith on his promise.

i hope, he will not disappoint yoyong. i hope he will not disappoint me.

i do not know if it is the coffee, or if it is the effect of these thoughts, but my heart is racing.

so what happens now? yoyong and his fellow marchers going home. but did they get what they were asking for?

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