Monday, December 17, 2007

now brewing

sunday is usually an easy day for the family. we usually have lunch together, then basically just hang around the house, watch the buzz or whatever.

yesterday was a tad different though. we have been up and about since early morning. doing errands, fixing up the siomai, the clubhouse sandwich and the nachos. someone is feeling the space downstairs, paying attention to each and every detail, making sure that the glass is as clear as ice, and evoking the photo shelf to speak its piece.

someone is going back and forth to quincy, buying the last minute requests for whatever.

by 2:45p the jose's sat down to wish each other luck, and the necessary motivations were given where it would help. and so we went our own ways, bought more supplies, cleaned and tidied up some more, cooked a little bit more.

5p, marked the show time. everyone wore their best smiles. slipped into comfortable yet hip clothes. mom and dad wore red for luck. when the ribbon was cut, flash bulbs were fired, and the coffee started to brew.

fresh and sweet aroma filled the air. laughter blended with conversation and the slow drip of espresso. the lights were soft, and reflected the smile and the openness to understand the other person from the other end of the table.

all tables were taken and people seeing eye to eye. the buzz of movement. a cup in hand, every sip reflecting the honest yearning to open up the senses. this is the stuff that coffee shops are made of.

ladies and gentlemen, consequia cafe is now open. now brewing at 409 mayon st. quezon city. see us for coffee and conversations.


  1. Congratulations! I sure hope to have a taste of your coffee someday. :)

  2. hi lene! then i will see you someday :)

  3. je!!!!!!! cant wait to try sa inyo kape.. walay upcoming davao branch? hahahaha

  4. lagi, so you better be sure to come and visit when you are around ba. dugay dugay na bayana wa tay storya ba.


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