Tuesday, January 29, 2008

capuccino dreaming

when the conse is not so busy, i ask janet if i can fix my own drink. friday night, just before the deluge of busy-ness, i got behind the counter rolled up my sleeves and decided that i want some capuccino.

been a long time since i enjoyed capuccino. this is my favorite drink in my davao days. ninin, mike and whoever wished to tag along would go to basti's in victoria plaza, order our drinks (make mine capuccino), ask for a cup of sugar and sit back on the couch and talk, or eat, or sleep, or whatever captures our fancy.

time travel five or so years forward. i remembered how dan and the guys at bastis prepare my drink. it feels different to be the one behind the counter, negotiating with our krups espresso maker. but just like any adventure, this one is worth trying.

so there i was, all wide eyed and excited. i took the cup of milk in my hands, put it under steamer and just let it blow. i was watching the temperature reach that red spot. i was eagerly waiting, moving the cup from low to high to create more foam.

when the temperature reached 70 degrees, i decided that i want my milk really hot so i waited more until i reached 90 degrees.

espresso time. we turned up the grinder (right now its an imarflex blender with coffee grinder attachment), and watched two tablespoons of sagada arabica swirled around and around. after a few more moments, its ready! janet put some on the ladle and started up the espresso. i would have done it, but i just know that experts know when to take over when they are teaching their students.

there was a brrrr, and whhrrrr and black, fragrant liquid came oozing out. i smiled because my drink is almost done! my barista master expertly poured one cup of espresso into my cup, and showed how it is done. i asked her about the other cup, she told me that we would not be using that cup anymore. i was already thinking, how about a double shot of capuccino? aka, strong capuccino (in bastis).

i poured the milk into my drinking cup. i was repeating janet's instruction in my mind. half milk - half foam. half - milk - yes! half - foam, darned i need more foam. so i primed the machine again and tried to steam another cup of milk. whew, i should really rememeber to get the foam up for capuccino.

there my drink is done. we clocked in at 9 minutes and 34 seconds. not bad for a first try. as a reward, i took the other cup of espresso and dunked it in my drink.

writing this makes me want to reach for another cup.


  1. And I suddenly crave for a choco frapp. Gone were the days I used to savor my banana cake and choco frapp at St*rb*cks.

    Is frapp available at conse? :)

  2. hehehe, frapp is a starbucks drink. conse has its own drinks that we are very proud of. visit conse sometime.

  3. Oh, I see. :p That'll be nice, different tastes altogether. Will probably go there when I'm in GMA.

    Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sure you're always crowded especially today! =)

  4. you are always welcome to swing by. lets imagine a bus stop at conse so that you will have to check it out. :)


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