Tuesday, July 12, 2005

my girlfriend is in trouble

my girlfriend is in deep shit!

although, i really do not know what to make out of it. her enemies are at her throat, making calls here and there for her to resign, trying to fry her in her own lard! and there are also some groups who have spoken for her, but i can sense the self interest brewing just beneath the surface.

i feel bad actually, not for the attacks at her. but more so for our country as a whole. i was just reading the other day emails of fellow kababayans who have somehow lost all hopes that things would get better. the timing may have hit me more, that is why the message hit so close to home.

for how can we say that there is hope, when one of us is already telling everyone of us to get our tired asses and leave the country? this message has been quite all to familiar and popular. i was just chatting with old friends from manila who are now in singapore. working so damned hard just to earn a living. while i felt happy to see that they are doing well and somehow making more. i felt a tinge of sadness, for underneath the lucrative lights of singapore, there is the idea that people have to leave, because they could not earn enough here in the country.

if i think about it, all this political crisis (that could eventually plunge the country into a real economic crisis... damn my girlfriend surely attracts a lot of crises) is telling something to all who call themselves pinoys. it tells us that things doesn't work anymore. in fact the whole idea of the "filipino" has been messed up pretty bad.

it has been used to mean a whole lot of funny, punitive things at times. but it has somehow lost the whole idea of pride of being one. sure, it comes to great people who have come to do great things. but ask a farmer in cotabato, he would give you a blank stare first then give you one of those general answers. those general things that give impressions that things are ok, but it usually doesn't mean anything.

too bad.

i think the real reason why so many groups of filipinos are cutting the throat of gma, is because they are looking for a escape goat to blame all the woes that we have gotten ourselves into. the sad news is, this blood lust would not easily fade away. we seem to be a nation in search for meaning. we are a delusioned race who have put our destiny too long on other people who have, in turn, more often than not let us down.

my words may have joined the flock of empty things that have already been said about us. it may have already been passe already as soon as it has been written.

but i think the beauty of all these is that filipinos are desperately trying to catch an identity. a new one at that. one that would make us better citizens of the world.

come to think of it, the president in trouble is just the tip of the iceberg. we are, a people in trouble after all.

and we cannot fix our problem even if we get rid of arroyo...

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